Check-in by 8:15 a.m. for all Events/Tournaments. Players checking in after 8:15 a.m. are welcome to play, but are not eligible for prizes. Three-Day and Invitational tee-times to be announced. 


You will be charged for lunch if you cancel less than 48 hours before tee-time. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.  You may be charged for a golf cart at the discretion of the pro shop. If you need to cancel or make changes after the call-in date, please contact: 

                        Helen Bartelsmeyer, Tournament Chair




All pairings are done with consideration for the best mix of high and low handicap players and the best mix of club members. Preference will be given to members who regularly play in non-team District events and tournaments. Determinations of past participation will be made from records maintained in the Merit System. If we have more players than we can accommodate for an event, we will refer to our records indicating support of District events. 

Preferred Players:

Preferred players are Executive Board members, Past Presidents, 50-Year Honorees, Historian and Prize Chairs. In foursome events, Executive Board Members and Past Presidents MAY BE REQUIRED to play with other Preferred Players. If they elect to play with women not included in the above list, they FORFEIT THEIR PREFERRED STATUS for the event.


When it becomes necessary to use the Merit System, players with the fewest accrued points will be placed on a waitlist. As cancellations occur you will be contacted about playing in the event; accrued points determine the order of wait-listed players. If a player chooses not to play, she will not be considered on the waitlist and will NOT be a Priority Player. If you are waitlisted from an event due to Merit, you will be a Priority Player. This entitles you to play in the next “like” event, e.g.:




Merit used for the Three-Day Stroke Tournament, Mixed Event or Invitational Tournament will not guarantee play in any other event.

Additional Information:  

- The Merit System is point based. One (1) point is assigned for playing in an event and (2) points are assigned for playing in the Three-Day Stroke or Invitational. NO (0) points are earned for Team Play or the Mixed Event. A half (.5) point is awarded to a player that is wait-listed from an event due to her Merit status.

-  Generally, 96 players are considered a full field, but the host club determines the final count.

-  New members are considered Priority Players for the first two (2) events immediately following their District entry.

-  Each club participating in an event shall be represented by a minumum of two (2) players.

-  Merit Points start anew with the Opening Scramble each year. In the event of Merit Point ties,prior years' information is taken into account.


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