All handicaps are computed according to the USGA/World Handicap System and are retained by the Tournament Chair. Handicap allowance in all District events will be limited to a course handicap of 40 with the exception of team events. 
1.  Only scores made in 18-hole rounds, or by combining the scores of two consecutive nine-hole rounds shall be used from courses rated according to the USGA Rating System. In addition, if a player plays 14 or more holes, she shall record a score for handicap purposes by adding the number of strokes played plus net par for the unplayed holes.  
2.  During the STLWDGA playing season, March 1 through November 14, scores on all courses, at home and away, must be dated and reported by the player on the day of play by midnight local time. These scores shall be made during a playing season, in any locale, where normal playing conditions exist. These scores shall be returned and the players handicap shall be computed prior to the start of the active season. 
3.  Scores that include some conceded putts or scores adjusted to a maximum of net double bogey should be reported for handicap purposes only. 
4.  Scoring records shall be maintained continuously from year to year. Scores made in a new playing season shall be added to those of the preceding playing seasons. 


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