In 1920, the women’s section of the St. Louis District Golf Association elected to become a separate and distinct organization. On November 29, 1920, at the home of Mrs. E. Lansing Ray of St. Louis Country Club, a set of by-laws was approved and adopted by unanimous consent. Its objective was to promote golf among the women of St. Louis, to conduct an annual Championship Tournament and to encourage team play. Mr. Bonner Miller was President of the St. Louis (Men’s) District Golf Association at that time. Nine clubs were represented at that organizational meeting: Algonquin, Bellerive, Glen Echo, St. Louis, Sunset, Westwood, Normandie, Triple A and Midland Valley. Kirkwood Country Club, which became Wood Lawn in 1927 was obviously included although not represented to make a total of ten clubs.


The first slate of officers was:


Mrs. S. J. G. Smith, President - Glen Echo

Mrs. C. C. Pangman, Vice President - Algonquin

Mrs. Lansing Ray, Recording Secretary - St. Louis

Mrs. Lester Meyer, Corresponding Secretary - Westwood

Mrs. Albert T. Terry, Treasurer - St. Louis

Mrs. J. A. Corbett, Sports Chairman - Glen Echo


     In 1937, there were 244 members from 13 clubs. In 1957 there were 286 members from 13 clubs. In 1977, there were 291 members from 15 clubs and presently there are 395 members from 20 private country clubs. Our District membership in 2022 includes six of the original charter clubs; Algonquin, Bellerive (left when the club moved in 1958 and rejoined in 1994), Glen Echo, St. Louis, Sunset and Westwood plus the following: St. Clair (1923), Westborough (1928), Meadowbrook (1932), Norwood Hills (1933), Greenbriar Hills (1936), Sunset Hills (1952), Forest Hills (1965), Bogey Hills (1981), Legends (1992) St. Albans (1993), Lake Forest (1994)), Old Warson (1995), Whitmoor (1995) and Persimmon Woods (2013), Winghaven (2020).


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