AUGUST 3 - 7, 2020

AUGUST 3 - 7, 2020








  1. The tournament is scheduled for five days, including an 18-hole qualifying/seeding round followed by match play to determine the Champion of the STLWDGA. The Championship Flight final shall be 18 holes.

  2. Refer to General Rules and Regulations, excluding Eligibility and Competitive events.

  3. Invitations will be limited to members of the participating clubs in the STLWDGA. Minimum age is eighteen years.

  4. Players in semifinal matches are invited to attend the Semifinalist's Luncheon on Thursday, August 6 at 12:15 p.m.

  5. The Committee determines time and order of starting.

  6. Carts/Caddies. Competitors/opponents may share a cart only with a competitor/opponent with whom she is paired. Relatives, association members and profession­als are prohibited from serving as caddies. Caddies are prohibited from driving a cart at any time under pen­alty of disqualification. Carts are allowed in all flights.

  7. Assuming a field of 96 players, the low 16 handicaps will make up the Championship Flight. The remaining 64 players will be flighted by handicap and seeded by score.

  8. The position (seed) of players having the same course handicap will be determined by Handicap Index (HI) and Differential.

  9. Withdrawals. Any player who withdraws before the pairings are made from the numerical draw is not eligible for special events.

  10. Ties. If two (2) or more players are tied for the same place within a flight, the player's position (seed) shall be determined by matching score cards as defined in Section 2: Part 71 of "How to Conduct a Competition". If two (2) or more players tie for Low- Gross (Medalist), each player shall  be awarded a prize but must play off immediately for the Trophy and position.




  1. The USGA General Numerical Draw is used for pairing.

  2. Defaults. Due to the limited field, a player defaulting without just cause will not be eligible to qualify the following year, except by approval of the Executive Committee. Any player who has defaulted in the finals is not eligible to receive a trophy. Exception to this rule shall be within the discretion of the Tournament Committee.





The EDWARD A. FAUST PERPETUAL TROPHY will be awarded to the Champion.


The MARY MASON SCUDDER PERPETUAL TROPHY will be awarded to the runner-up in the Championship.


These trophies will be presented following the final match of the tournament.


The MEDALIST PERPETUAL TROPHY will be awarded for low gross in the qualifying round.

A TEAM PLAY PLAQUE will be awarded to the club whose four players win the aggregate low-gross in the qualifying round. It becomes the property of their club. A prize will also be awarded to each of the four team members


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