Meadowbrook Country Club

Thursday - Friday, July 18-19

St. Louis Women’s District Golf Association


Junior Girls Invitational Tournament



200 Meadowbrook Country Club Estates

Ballwin,  MO 63011


THE STLWDGA JUNIOR INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT will be conducted as a two-day (one day if rain shortened) stroke-play competition. Players compete in the following: Championship Division  (18 holes at 5654 yards, Open Division (18 holes at 5255 yards),  or the 9 Hole Division ( 9 holes at 2564 yards).

Overall winner will be determined from Championship Division only.


             Championship Division (scores less than 100)

Open Division (scores more than 100)


        Ages: 16-18       Player may not be older than 18 on the first day of the tournament.

                                   *19 if recent  high school graduate and has not started college. 

        Ages: 14-15        Player may not be older than 15 on the first day of the tournament.

                                    *Player may compete  in the championship division on same tees                                               with coach’s approval.


        Ages: 12-13        Player may not be older than 13 on the first day of the tournament.                                            Play consists of two, nine-hole rounds.

                                    *Exceptions may be made for age 11 and under.

Entrants must live in the STLWDGA area.  USGA rules and local rules apply where applicable.  Ties for Championship will be determined by a sudden-death playoff as recommended by the USGA in “How to Conduct a Competition”.  Meadowbrook has 20 push carts available to rent for $8.00 or you may bring your own.  Players may use caddies.  Parents are NOT allowed to caddy or coach their own child/children.  No coaches or professional golfers may act as caddies.  Rules and etiquette will be emphasized.  All spectators must walk.  Prizes awarded according to the number of entries.


Entry form must be signed by a parent and submitted with the entry fee of $45 on or before July 3, 2019.  Checks payable to STLWDGA. 


  • Only proper attire will be allowed.  Participants and spectators may wear skirts, skorts, tailored slacks, golf or walking shorts.  Shirts must have either a collar or sleeves.  Tight or short shorts and skirts, tight slacks, tank-like or low-cut tops and jeans are prohibited.  Baseball caps may be worn on the course but are not allowed in the Club House.

  • Soft spike golf shoes required.  No metal spikes allowed.

  • No refunds after July 3, 2019.  All exceptions and decisions at the discretion of the committee.


MEADOWBROOK COUNTRY CLUB and STLWDGA are released from liability by the parent’s signature on the entry form.


Entry not accepted without signature of parent.


STLWDGA CONTACT:                  Vickie Ressler, Vice President

                                              16331 Wynncrest Falls Way

                                               Wildwood, MO 63005

                                               (H) 636-778-9667 (C) 314-409-4977



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