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1.  A one-day, stroke-play tournament, played in flights to determine the Low-Net and Low-Gross Senior Champions.


2.  Refer to STLWDGA Rules and Regulations, excluding Eligibility and Other Competitive Events.


3.  Eligibility: Participants must have a USGA Handicap Index based on a minimum of 20 18-hole scores. Participants must be 50 years of age by midnight the day of the tournament.

• Those who are not 50 by midnight the day of the tournament may play if the field is not full, but will receive no prizes.

• Optional Flight: SUPER SENIORS  Must be 72 by midnight the day of the tournament.  Tell your CD if you wish to compete in this flight 


4.  Play will be in foursomes in flights (when possible) determined by the Committee.


5.  Prizes will be awarded to the Overall Low-Net and Overall Low-Gross winners, and the Low-Net and Low-Gross winners in each flight. A tie for Overall Low-Net or Low-Gross winner shall be determined by a sudden-death playoff as recommended by the USGA in “How to Conduct a Competition.” In case of ties within flights, duplicate prizes will be awarded. In no case shall a player receive more than one prize. The winner of the overall Low-Gross Trophy may not be the winner of the over-all Low-Net Trophy.

6.  All entrants are required to stay for lunch. If the tournament is rained  out. lunch will be served at noon.



         The PAST PRESIDENTS PERPETUAL TROPHY will be awarded to the player having Overall Low-Gross in the Seniors Tournament.


The CHARLOTTE VAUGHN WELLMAN TROPHY will be awarded to the player having Overall Low-Net in the Senior Tournament.


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