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General Information



Team Play is conducted as a modified Match Play competition with both Net and Gross competitions (Match Play rules apply). There will be two sections: White and Green. Each section will consist of two divisions.Teams will be divided into four divisions: Augusta, Firestone, Muirfield and St. Andrews. Teams compete within their division in a Round Robin four-ball Match Play competition. The division Net and Gross winners then compete in Semifinal Matches. The winners of the Semifinal Matches will compete for the District Team Net and Gross Championships.


1. Teams


a. Each team shall be composed of six players. STLWDGA recommends that these players be the lowest six handicappers available. The maximum individual course handicap allowance will be 20.


b. Team players are ranked and positioned by Handicap Index. The number one and two players of a team shall play against the number one and two players of the opposing team, etc.


c. If a club has only five players available, the first and second teams will consist of two players, while the third team consists of one player from the club.  If a club has only four players available, first team will consist of two players and teams two and three will consist  of one player. Refer to your Team Captain’s packet for further examples.


d. The number of players a team fields on their first play date, if less than 6, is the maximum number of players that team can use for scoring for the remainder of the season, resulting in equitable playing conditions for all opponents in their division. Additional players can participate, to make a full team of six, but their scores will not count.


2. Team Players


a. All team players must have current paid membership status and a USGA Handicap Index based on at least twenty (20), 18-hole scores. Team players new to District must have their New-Member Coordinator present their last 20 scores to the District Team Chair or her assistant by the call- in date. The new member will not be eligible to play at the current team event if this information is not received by the specified date.


b. If a player belongs to more than one District club, she must declare which club she shall represent in Team play for the entire season, prior to the first scheduled match. The player's handicap will be maintained at her declared team course.


c. Players must report to the registration table no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. Failure to report on time will result in a 1/2 point deduction for that player's team. This deduction will be subtracted from the team's total before any bonus points are awarded.


d. After completion of the round, players must check the scorecard for accuracy, settle any doubtful points and sign and attest the card (a player from each team must sign). Cards will not be corrected after they have been signed.

e. Team players should post their scores as regular/away  NOT tournment in the GHIN handicap system.  Posting your scores should be done in a timely manners.


3.  General Regulations


a. All low-net matches are played with handicap. Matches will be played by alloting handicap strokes based on the lowest handicap of the four competitors, the lowest handicapped player will receive no handicap strokes and her opponents (and partner) will receive 100% of the difference. (Example: Player A = 6 hcp, Player B = 10 hcp [will receive 4 hcp strokes]) A match is 18 holes and each hole is worth one point. This point must be won, lost or halved. The low-net score on each hole is the winning score. If a hole is halved, each team earns 1/2 point. (See Rule 2. Match Play).


b. All Gross matches are played with no handicap. The low-gross score on each hole is the winning score. Points are accumulated the same way as in low-net matches (won, lost or halved). Tee honors are decided by the gross scorecard.


c. In the event that there is a clear winner of the match, i.e. one team earns 9 1/2 or more points, a bonus point will be awarded to the winning team. This applies to both the Net and Gross competitions.


d. Each team will be responsible for keeping either the official Gross or Net card. Points will be credited only when scorecards are signed and attested.


e.  A player shall not discontinue play unless the golf course has suspended play; she believes there is danger from lightning; sudden illness; or some other approved reason such as sudden illness. Bad weather is not of itself a good reason for discontinuing play. In case of inclement weather, play will be resumed or cancelled at the discretion of the golf course. Score cards must be turned in.


f. Discontinuance of play for reasons other than those stated will result in disqualification and forfeiture of points accumulated for that round. The opponents of a team that discontinues play shall continue and finish 18 holes. Points for the opposing team will be calculated in the normal fashion for holes played with their opponents; thereafter, points will be accumulated playing against par with the appropriate equity points and bonus points added. One equity point is awarded for every six holes or fraction thereof. Refer to your Team Captain’s packet for examples.


g. If a team is unavailable for play, no points will be awarded for that round. The opposing team will play a net competition against par with handicap. Points will be accumulated with three equity points added and any bonus points earned. This total will also be recorded as the team’s gross score. Refer to your Team Captain’s packet for examples.


h. If both players of any team are late, the opposing team shall start play, holding their positions on the course. Penalty: Loss of hole or holes. One player may start for her team and her partner may join the match between holes any place on the course.


i. At the end of division team  play, if one team wins both the Gross and Net competitions in their division, that team will have the choice to play in either the Gross or Net Semi- final Match. The winning team will notify the Team Chair of their decision within three (3) days of the conclusion of the division matches. The runner- up in that division will then play in the competition not chosen by the winner. In the event of a tie for the runner-up position the team that won the head to head match during the regular season will be declared runner-up. If the head to head match during the regular season results in a tie (same total point count), cards from the #1 team match will be reviewed starting on the #1 handicapped hole and proceeding to the # 2 handicapped hole, etc. until a clear winner is determined.


j. The Net and Gross semifinal and final matches are conducted as a traditional Match Play. The Net semi-final and final matches are conducted with the use of handicaps. After a team has won their match, i.e. won more holes than there are holes remaining to be played, play shall be discontinued. If a match is all square after 18 holes in semifinal or final matches, play will continue starting at hole number  one (1) until a hole is won outright, unless the other two matches have already been won by one club. If play cannot be continued at hole number one (1), the Committee shall make the decision on which hole play shall be continued. The number of matches won will determine the winning teams. For example, teams winning two out of three matches will be declared the winners.

k. The trophies will be presented to the winning teams at completion of play and re-presented at the closing luncheon.


l. Any circumstances not covered by the general regulations stated in this Yearbook or the Team Captain’s packet will be decided by the Committee.


4. Club Team Captain


a. Is selected by each club's district players and if possible, should be an active team participant.


b. Organizes and reports team lineups to the District Team Chair by the designated deadline date prior to each match on the STLWDGA calendar. Late lineup reports will result in a 1/2 point penalty deduction from the team total score after points are totaled and bonus points added.


c. Notifies the District Team Chair of any changes to the lineup as soon as possible. (In the event the club team captain is not present for team play, she should name a responsible participant as her alternate in case of any changes, problems, etc.)


d. Informs players of team rules, schedule and starting times.

e. Arranges luncheon details and course spotter when their club hosts a team event.


f. Team Captains for the next year's team play should be determined and reported to the District Team Chair by the District Closing Luncheon.


5. Schedule


a. There will be five team play dates scheduled on the STLWDGA calendar.


b. One team from each division will sit out each play date. This gives each team four play days.

c. Each team will play the other teams in their division once.


6. Awards


a. Plaques will be awarded to each  Division Winner, Section Runner-up and the Champions of both the Net and Gross competitions.


b. Traveling Trophies:


The LIB McBRIEN MEMORIAL TROPHY will be presented to the club winning the Net Championship. 

A TROPHY will be presented to the club winning the Gross Championship.

These awards will be presented at the closing luncheon.



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