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June 7, 2022
Forest Hills

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June 8, 2022

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June 9, 2022
Bogey Hills



  1. A three-day, stroke-play, handicap tournament played in flights to determine an Overall Low-Net winner. It must consist of at least 36 holes.

  2. Refer to General Rules & Regulations, excluding Eligibility and Events.

  3. All participants must have a USGA Handicap Index based on a minimum of twenty (20) 18-hole scores.

  4. Flights will be established by handicaps, making them as numerically equal as possible.

  5. Relatives, association members, and professionals are prohibited from serving as caddies.

  6. Prizes will be awarded to the Overall Low-Net, Overall Low-Gross, Overall Low-Putts, and the Low-Net winner and Runner-Up and Low-Putts in each flight. Dottie Divot prize will be awarded to the player having the Low-Net score on the final day of play, who has not won another prize.

  7. Ties for Overall Low-Gross and Overall Low-Net shall be resolved by a three (3) hole play-off immediately following the round. Subsequent ties will be decided by sudden death as recommended by the USGA in “How to Conduct a Competition.” The winner of the Overall Low-Gross Trophy may not be the winner of the Overall Low-Net Trophy. Additionally, the Overall Low-Gross winner, Overall Low-Net winner, and Overall Low Putt winner may not win their respective flight(s).

  8. All other ties will be awarded duplicate prizes.





The ROSE SIEGEL TROPHY will be awarded to the Overall Low-Net winner.


The ST. LOUIS WOMEN’S DISTRICT GOLF THREE-DAY STROKE TROPHY will be awarded to the player having the Overall Low-Gross score.


Prizes will be presented after all scores are posted.


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